Refund/Return Policy

Things of note to remember when deciding to order an OwlCrate subscription/gift:

- If your account has renewed (your card has been charged) and you do not wish to receive the box(es) that you've paid for, please contact as soon as possible to let us know.

Cancelling doesn't trigger an automatic refund, it only affects future renewals. Any boxes that have already been paid for at time of cancellation will still be shipped.

We are happy to give refunds for unshipped boxes, but once a box has shipped we can not give refunds. 

- We do not offer refunds if you receive a book/item that you aren't interested in. We hope you have a friend whom you can gift the item to! There is also an active Buy/Sell/Trade group on Facebook, where you might find someone who may enjoy the item more than you did.

- Keep an eye on our social media accounts, as well as our newsletter, where we always announce upcoming themes and give hints as to what you can expect from each box. This way you can decide whether or not to skip a box if it doesn't interest you. 

- We can not accept returns, regardless of whether the box has been opened or not. 

- If you receive a damaged item, please send us a photo of the damage to and we will be happy to ship you a replacement!



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