How to order OwlCrate as a Gift

Awesome! Thank you for thinking of OwlCrate! Here are the steps to purchase OwlCrate as a gift:

1. If you are (or have been) an OwlCrate subscriber, login to your OwlCrate Account using the button at the top-right of the home page (ignore this part if you don't have a pre-existing account):



2. Click the 'Subscribe' or 'Gift' button on the home page:




3. Select the plan you'd like to gift to your recipient (1, 3 or 6-months):




4. At checkout, enter the Gift Recipient's shipping address:




5. Check 'This is a Gift' at Checkout (this will be pre-checked if you clicked the Gift button on the home page), enter your recipient's name and e-mail (for our reference) and choose whether or not you want the gift-subscription to renew at the end of its term (e.g. a January 1-month gift would renew on Feb 1st, a 3-month gift on April 1st etc.):



6. Enter your billing information and click 'Checkout'.  That's it!  We'll ship the box to your gift recipient between the 15th-20th of the month. You will receive a shipment notification from us (with tracking information) as soon as the box ships.


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