Can I order just one box, instead of a subscription?

You can definitely purchase a one-time box! There are two options to choose from:

1. Purchases a Monthly Subscription

With this option, you can purchase an auto-renewing monthly subscription through the main website. Once your order has gone through, you can log into your customer account and cancel your subscription. Cancelling won't affect the box you just purchased, only future renewals. 

The upside of this option is that if you love your first box (which we hope you do!), you can easily log into your account and reactivate your subscription to receive more boxes.


2. You can purchase yourself a Gift!

With this option, you can purchase a one-time box without having to worry about an auto-renewal.

For details on how to purchase a gift, please see our How To Order an OwlCrte Gift article.


If you purchase a gift for yourself, using your own email address in the recipient field, you will receive two order notifications/numbers. One for the Gift Giver order (essentially, your receipt) and one for the Gift Receiver Order (the gift itself). The latter will have a $0.00 charge.


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