Update Payment Method in Your Account

Here's a guide on how to update the payment information in your OwlCrate Account. 

*Please note that we currently only allow one method of payment to be kept on file within a single customer account.  If you are looking to use multiple payment methods for different subscriptions, you'll need to create a new account (i.e. check out with an alternate email address).

How to update your payment information:

  1. Log in to your OwlCrate Account

  2. Click "My Subscriptions" or "Manage Subscriptions"

  3. Find your subscription and click the "+" sign next to it

  4. Under "Payment Method" click "Edit Your Payment Method"

  5. Enter your new payment information and click "Update Card"

  6. You should see a "customer card updated" notification when the update is complete. 

  7. PLEASE NOTE: if you don't immediate see the new card details (i.e. last 4 digits) in your account, try refreshing the page and/or signing out and signing back in and the new card details should appear.
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