I just reactivated my subscription. Which box will I be getting?

If you’ve reactivated a previously cancelled subscription, your new subscription cycle will start with the current month’s box. The box you will be receiving will be mentioned in your order confirmation email. As a second check, whichever box was being advertised on the main page of the website when you reactivated is the box your will have purchased.

When you reactivate, you will be charged immediately for the current box and your next scheduled renewal date will be listed in your account. If you don't feel your renewal went through, please email support@owlcrate.com.

Note: If you previously cancelled a subscription on the 3-Month or 6-Month plan and received a refund for unshipped boxes, or skipped a renewal before cancelling, please reach out to support@owlcrate.com so we can make sure your subscription is on track for the current box!

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