Monthly Theme Reveals

We know not all readers are interested in the same themes/genres so we always announce the theme of the next month's box on the 15th of each month. This gives you plenty of time to skip a box if the theme doesn't interest you or your reader. 

You can find our theme reveals on social media - @owlcrate and @owlcratejr. If you want theme reveals and other updates delivered straight to your inbox, you can join our mailing list at the bottom of our main webpage:


For instructions on how to skip a box, please see the How do I skip a box? article.

If you skip a box then see some great sneak peeks that change your mind, you always have the option to un-skip! For more on un-skipping, see our I skipped a renewal and have changed my mind. How can I receive the box? article.

If a box sells out early, we will announce the next month's theme earlier than usual. 

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