What types of books can I expect?

Since we are based in North America, the books we'll be sending out will mostly be hardcovers, and they will usually be the US editions. We will only select books that were published within the last 45 days prior to shipping, so the chances of our subscribers already owning the book will be as slim as possible.

We select a wide variety of different stories and genres. Past genres have included high fantasy, steampunk, dystopian, science fiction, romance, fairytale retellings, and more! We also support diversity in literature, and as such we will include books from time to time that feature people from different cultures/backgrounds, people within the LGBT community, as well as many other forms of diversity. 

A huge part of the fun of a bookish subscription box is being introduced to stories you may not have picked up on your own. We encourage you to give each book a try! You may just find your new favorite book!

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