My renewal failed. I don't want to lose my subscription! What can I do?

No need to panic! Renewals can fail for a few different reasons such as:

- Your credit card on file is either expired or doesn't have the available funds for us to process the charge. Please double check your payment information and add a new credit card if needed.

- If you are located in Canada/Internationally, your bank may be blocking the transaction from going through. Some banks now have strict policies for blocking online international transactions from going through. Please contact your bank and let them know that you authorize the charge from OwlCrate. This should allow them to remove the block.

Due to the limited amount of spots we have available each month, please ensure you update your bank information and your renewal goes through by the 3rd of the month. After the 3rd we will begin inviting new customers to subscribe. If we sell out of spots and your renewal goes through after we have sold out, that payment will then be valid for the following month. 

Our system will continue to try to charge your card each day over the next 10 days. After 10 attempts, your account will go into an expired state. Also, if you do NOT want your renewal to go through, please ensure you cancel your subscription, as our system will keep trying to charge the card otherwise. A failed renewal is not a cancellation.


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    Hi, my name is Kimberly Gatchel I am having problems with my checking account and I really don't want to loose my subscription however with it being the July 4th holiday I'm having an issue dealing with my bank. I hope to have this problem solved by tomorrow or the following day at the latest! So sorry for the inconvenience! Thank you for your patience, OwlCrate lover , Kimberly Gatchel

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