Credit Card Declines

If your credit card is declined, either during checkout or during your subscription renewal, it could be due to the following reasons:


  1. You've Reached Your Credit Limit
    If the amount you are trying to spend exceeds your credit limit, then your transaction may be declined.  You can typically check your available credit by logging into your credit card banking and looking for a section that displays your "Credit Limit" or "Available Credit".  Oftentimes you can free up extra credit in real-time by making a payment to your card, refreshing your banking info to see if the credit limit has adjusted and then attempting the transaction again.  If this doesn't work, give your credit card provider a call to see if they can help.

  2. You Have a Large Pending Transaction
    A large pending transaction (i.e. a future transaction that has not yet posted) can also cause you to max out your credit limit.  Sometimes a pending transaction can cause a discrepancy between the amount displayed as "Available Credit" and the actual credit available.  Be sure to check your online transaction history, and if there is a large pending transaction, give your card provider a call to see if they can help you free up some more credit.

  3. Your Credit Card Is Expired
    If your card is expired, it will result in a transaction decline.  Check to see if you have received a replacement card and try again with the new card information.

  4. Your Purchase Was Flagged as Fraud
    If any unusual activity is detected on your card, your card issuer may freeze your account until they have spoken to you and confirmed the legitimacy of certain past transactions.  If you've checked the suggestions above and you believe that you have enough credit available, it's possible that a freeze has occurred.  The best way to deal with this is to immediately call your card issuer and go through their verification process.  If no fraud is found, the card provider should be able to unfreeze your card while on the phone.

Hopefully the above information will help you in the event of a decline.  Best rule of thumb: speak to your card issuer and question them until you fully understand the reason for the decline, that way you can prevent declines from occurring in the future.


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