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New Website! (white and teal)

To update your address, you just need to log into your account in general and click MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS or My Subscriptions (both in teal). On the next page, you can expand the active subscription box by clicking the [+]. You will then see a teal [>] next to your current address. When you click that arrow, a window will open so you can enter your new shipping address. To confirm, click UPDATE SHIPPING ADDRESS.


Important Note:

If you update your address AFTER your renewal has already gone through on the 1st, the change will NOT AFFECT your current shipment. Please reach out to support@owlcrate.com before the 5th of the month to make sure your shipping address is applied to the current month's shipment.

If you only need to change your address for future renewals, you don't need to reach out to customer support.



Old Website! (white and red)

Definitely! You can simply log in to your account on OwlCrate.com and edit your information. IMPORTANT: Even if you have set your new address as the default address for the account, please make sure it is also assigned to the subscription itself. You can do this by clicking the Edit button below your subscription information on the left side of your account. Choose your new address from the drop-down menu and confirm. The address that appears in your subscription information on the left is the address your box will be shipped to.


If you are an international/Canadian subscriber, please have your new address updated by the 5th of the month as the shipping process and printing of shipping labels begins a few days before our general ship dates. Once a shipping label has been printed, we are unable to make any changes.

If you are a US subscriber, please have your new address updated by the 10th of the month so everything is in order when boxes start shipping. Once a shipping label has been printed, we are unable to make any changes.

If you need to update your address for future shipments only, and not the current month's box, be sure to update your address AFTER you have received the current month's shipping notification and tracking number. Updating before then may affect your current shipment.

If you need any help with updating your address, please email support@owlcrate.com and we will be happy to sort it out for you.


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    Jillian Roberson

    Can I update the address for a gift subscription? For example, I want to get this for my niece for Christmas, but I'd like to receive the first box myself so I can wrap it to give to her and then update the shipping address to have the remaining boxes sent to her.

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