International Tax and Duties

OwlCrate ships all its goods from the United States using an international DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid) mailing service.  If you are purchasing from a country outside of the US, then you are technically importing merchandise to that country and therefore, as the importer, your goods may be subject to tax, duties and processing charges issued during the customs clearance process.  OwlCrate does not bear any responsibility for these additional charges.


De Minimis Values

de min-i-mis dā ˈminiˌmēs - Something or a difference that is so little, small, minuscule, or tiny that the law does not refer to it and will not consider it.

Many countries have what are knows as "de minimis" values for duty and tax.  A de minimis value is a monetary threshold that exempts imported goods from duty and or tax/VAT and differs by country.  If your purchase (including shipping costs!) does not exceed the de minimis thresholds for neither tax nor duties then, in theory, you should receive your goods without any import charges.  However, if the de minimis threshold for either tax or duties is met, then you can expect to pay import fees for either tax, duties, or both.


If you would like to research the de minimis values and import tax rates for your country, please consult the resources below.  We strongly encourage you to do additional independent research since we cannot verify the accuracy of these sources and they may not be updated regularly.


De Minimis Table (Avalara)

De Minimis Table (Zonos)

Import Tax Rates by Country (Zonos)

[for duties, consider researching your country's duties and tariffs.]








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