What if I receive the same book in another subscription box service?

While we have no control over what books other boxes select, we understand your disappointment about receiving duplicate books from different companies. The reality of this situation is that here at OwlCrate we plan our boxes 6+ months in advance of shipping. This includes selecting the book, choosing the theme, and finding the wonderful small businesses to work with on that box (some of whom require many months to create their product).

Given the fact that we finalize our book pick early on (and set all the other wheels in motion) – if it later becomes apparent that another book box has selected the same book as us, this is something that is completely out of our control. With every box aiming to send out the best books being published, it is likely that if there is a highly anticipated title coming out, more than one box may pick it as their featured book.

One very special thing that sets OwlCrate apart from other book boxes, is the fact that beginning in May 2017 every book we include will feature an exclusive cover. This means that the book you receive in your OwlCrate box is a limited first edition, and can not be found at bookstores or anywhere else. Beginning in January 2018, we are also planning on including signed books as often as possible. So even if you receive the same book in another book box, it will be a different edition. We hope this helps ease any initial disappointment! We are always striving towards making the items in our boxes extra unique, and this definitely includes our book selection! 


PLEASE NOTE: If you remain subscribed to multiple YA book boxes who include newly published books, you always run the risk of receiving duplicate books in a given month. If this is something that you want to avoid, we recommend reconsidering subscribing to more than one book box. 

We are so incredibly grateful for all for the support of all of our subscribers. It means a lot to us that you choose to subscribe to OwlCrate!

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    Brandy Correia

    I understand not belonging to more than one box, and that if you do you run the risk of duplicates. However, in a world as full as YA, the fact that it's been 3 months in a row of the exact same book is depressing. Are certain authors just really good at getting advance copies out to all of the boxes? My two boxes are the highlight of my mail every month, and these last 3 months just been sad.

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